Induction hardening machine

Microprocessor control system

Microprocessor control system



Built-in cooling system

Built-in cooling system

PLC (industrial controller) ensures process repeatability

PLC (industrial controller) ensures process repeatability

Memory storage of various hardening modes

Memory storage of various hardening modes

Designed to comply with RoHS and REACH requirements

Designed to comply with RoHS and REACH requirements

Tempering machine is designed for cylinder parts tempering (shafts, gears, star wheels) with continuous-gradual mode (with part rotation and vertical movement) or simultaneously.

  • Part diameter (maximum) is 300 mm
  • Part length (maximum) is 1000 mm
  • Mass is 100 kg
  • Rate is 30 to 100 rpm
  • Displacement speed is 3 to 30 mm/s

Frame is the base of the structure. Carriage rotation mechanisms of inductor centers and displacement are arranged in the base.

Control panel is a microprocessor one with graphic touchpad.

Installation components:

Power supply unit

  • High frequency IGBT generator FCI-100-66 (power is 100 kW)
  • Interface device MD-120 for inductor 1 to 4 windings
  • High frequency cables

Tempering machine

The machine is designed for tempering of cylinder parts (shafts, gears, star wheels, etc.) with continuous-gradual mode (with part rotation and vertical movement) or simultaneously.

Firm frame is the base of the structure. Linear slideways are fitted there, where stand with interface MD-120 and inductor is moving vertically. Gear motor provides inductor (with quenches) vertical displacement relatively fitted part similar to shaft (continuous-graded mode).

Lower taper with gear motor is installed in frame to provide part rotation during tempering. Top taper can be displaced up and down depending on part length to provide its fixing between tapers.

Transistor high frequency generator FCI-100-66 installed in frame as well and connected with interface device by high frequency cable. Digital control panel with graphic touchpad is arranged in top of generator.

Position sensors are available in the machine and indicate the start and finish of tempering area according vertical scale.

Cooling system

Binary water cooling system with two in number of pumps and heat-exchanger of “water-water” type is arranged in lower part of frame.

One loop of pure cycle is used for cooling of high frequency installation with distilled water, second loop is designed for cooling of the part tempered and it also equipped with cleaning system and preparation of hardening liquid for re-usage.

Control system

Process of tempering is preset with PLC (industrial sequence control) that provides process recurrence. Provision made for storage of various tempering modes. Graphic display indicates tempering parameters and generator operating mode.

Tempering process:

  • initial coordinates
  • rotation speed
  • inductor movement speed
  • preliminary heating time
  • time of tempering


  • given and actual power
  • current
  • frequency

Other parameters can be displayed on the screen on the Customer’s demand.

Delivery set:


Inductors for two types of parts are to be delivered along with the machine:

  • shaft 358.247
  • gear ТО53-02

Other types of inductors can be included into delivery on the Customer’s demand. More inductors according to the parts drawings can be manufactured and order of tempering process calculation can be done at the expense of extra payment.

Filter-compensating device

According to the EC requirements the frequency generator is furnished with filter-compensating device, providing decreasing of harmonic influence to the mains.

Training and setting in operation-debugging

Cost of tempering machine includes its setting in operation and Customer’s personnel training.


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